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All you need to know to travel smart

Smart travel – it’s the way you plan, organize, decide, analyze, and execute your travel plan in an intelligent way to get the most out of it.

It’s like with anything we do, the more knowledge you have, the more advantage we can take of the situation. Worldwide travel has been Eka’s main activity for the last 16 years, pretty much non-stop, completing almost 72 times around the world. He has travelled in economy, business, and first class. For work, business and leisure. He has pretty much mastered the art of ‘smart travel’. And let us tell you that nothing fits perfectly, but using the tips Eka will share with you, we are sure it will help you the next time you go travel around the world!

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The Smartluxe Team

The Smartluxe Team

Hello Hola Konnichiwa!

We are Eka, Yuka, and Gopal, and we call ourselves The Smartluxe Team. Based in Argentina, we are here to share our passion for worldwide travel and delicious healthy vegan and vegetarian meals, mixed in with a healthy dose of yoga and meditation. Thank you for stopping by and we hope to inspire your worldwide travels!

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