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Many cultures and religions from the millenary Asia are based on vegan and vegetarian habits, often resulting in a very harmonious and peaceful way of seeing the world around us. A good example of this is the Ayurvedic medicine, which sustains that only by eating certain food cooked in a particular way, we can reach a more harmonious body state. This allows us to focus on other aspects of life, such as meditation and spiritual self cultivation. Although years have passed and technology has overtaken over many aspects of Asian people’s lives, these values can still be found in many places, if you travel smart and with the right tools. Go travel to Asia and follow our tips to easily get to the heart of the ancient Asian culture, while discovering exotic vegan and vegetarian meals.

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The Smartluxe Team

The Smartluxe Team

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We are Eka, Yuka, and Gopal, and we call ourselves The Smartluxe Team. Based in Argentina, we are here to share our passion for worldwide travel and delicious healthy vegan and vegetarian meals, mixed in with a healthy dose of yoga and meditation. Thank you for stopping by and we hope to inspire your worldwide travels!

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