Travel Smart

Where will you go?

Have you ever felt like your soul needs to go travel anywhere? Or craved for your friends to take you with them on their worldwide travel? Any free spirit goes through the same situation sooner or later. Honestly, we are so excited for you and your wanderlust! Travelling has definitely opened our minds and continue to teach us about ourselves. We are sure you will have similar experiences too, on your first worldwide travel. And let us tell you, it gets better each time! Along all our trips, we have developed and collected many useful stories that will help you to travel smart and, of course, encourage you to go travel very soon! While we walked through the hidden streets and gorgeous beaches all around the world, we took pictures and wrote in our notebooks, excited about capturing the best memories of our own experiences and about the possibility of sharing them with the world in the future. Now we are here, with a bunch of experiences from our biggest worldwide travel: life itself. But to get you started, we’ve categorised our posts into regions so you can easily find destination specific information. Happy exploring!


Go travel to Asia and see the sunrise over Angkor Wat, Cambodia
worldwide travel - Horse in the mountains of Argentina
Travel smart to the Gates of Prague Castle
Travel smart around the world